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Release: New Book Available

Greetings from Pastor Christina at MUI Church!

I am very excited to release my new book, “Rise Above Adversity: Where Declaration Becomes Destiny!” Available now through Amazon.

A bittersweet moment for me as this day was not an easy one. We always face adversity. We live through it and we dance in it. But what I am most proud of this particular piece is that it is a dedication to our entire family.

I invite you to celebrate with me and also into a very personal place within our family. It is natural for us to go through all these feelings but what we do find is that God gives us the power to rise through it in a supernatural way!

There is nothing ordinary about this story. Just pure adversity, time and time again. We learn to adjust the same way I know you can relate when you are forced to do life in a whole different way. We RISE above it.

To the family and legacy of Pastor Tony Mendez.
My dear husband Juan Mendez.
My sweet sister-in-law Cristina Mendez.
And to the mom that raised these gladiators, we honor you Rev. Nelly Montalvo! ♥️

Summer Service

***Sunday at Tibbets Brook Park***

On June 24th, please join us as we take church outdoors.
We will be having our regular Sunday Service outside!
Location – Tibbetts Brook Park, Section 2.
Time – 11:00 start with Evangelism team to follow service.

Join in the acoustic worship with the Rivera Brothers.

Message by Apostle Juan Mendez

MUI Team on site with Red Staff Shirts for questions or comments.

Please contact us at