Pastor’s Greeting

Pastor’s Greeting

God Bless You! Happy 2019!

We believe strongly that the Lord is pulling us to be more complete and committed in this year of 2019. Just bringing a small recap of the closing service this past Sunday.

We must take hold of every opportunity that is set before us.

We are entering a serious fast this opening month of January, seeking the face of God so we can have him reveal to us the hidden mysteries as it declares in Amos 3:7, “The Lord does nothing until He reveals it unto His servants.”

He has given us a plan and we must stick to the plan.  We still need to work together with each other in love. We must remain eager to do the work of the Lord.  Curious and eager to see the supernatural things of God take place right before us.

This is a year where we can experience the impossible become possible.  Things that people struggle with year after year—will unfold right before us if we commit ourselves to the work in which He wants to do in our lives.

We need to be thankful in every situation. Even through the hard days.  We must continue to stay empowered.

When you know yourself, you are empowered and when you accept yourself, you are invincible.  God wants us to walk in our authenticity and individuality.  When each of us does that, we will see the benefits of all that He has already stored up for us. We want God to release these things to us because it belongs to us.

We will see amazing things. We will experience breakthrough…but we must commit.  Let us seek fervently in prayer.  Let’s take out the first of this month to give our first fruits.  It doesn’t take much to turn the social media off, the TV, the games, the events and fall back into a place where we can fill up.  We are all doing that.  We can all find ourselves wanting to sit back and do other things but we have to press more.  It is all a price.  It can be painful but it is purposeful… so we can experience all the possibilities.  This is a new beginning for us to start again –January 2019.

I encourage you all to sign in to the FaceBook MUI Prayer Room or the Prayer Conference by Phone with Solanda Gomez.  These are great avenues for us to be more strategic in our prayer.  Every Tuesday and Friday will be teachings geared to this purpose for congregational fasting.  Please join us.  We can and will do this together.

There are so many opportunities and doors that God has for us to walk through.  And we shall in 2019.

~Pastors Juan & Christina

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