Book Of Acts

Book Of Acts

img_7907Greetings Church– this week we will begin a new series based off the Book of Acts.

The book we are using to guide us is called, “Paul and His Team: What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership & Influence”
By Ryan Lokkesmoe

MUI Tuesday Ignite will begin the opening months in a method (Co-Teaching) to enhance the learning process for our regular study members. Co-teaching is a method by which instructors with diverse backgrounds have the ability to merge their expertise in order to facilitate improved student learning.

Through co-teaching, instructors will join to teach biblical principles by merging each instructor’s knowledge in their respective area of interest and specialization. By employing this approach, students are able to benefit from the knowledge and skills of each professional as they master the key concepts in a more integrated manner.

The co-teaching method that will launch January 30, 2018 – April 10, 2018 – will be a temporary approach as we continue to build varied instructors that will help to improve our biblical studies and discipleship during the weekday service. The target is to build our team, collaborate and bring further engagement within our members.

Work together; prepare together; present together (1st Teacher, 2nd Teacher, Questions/Conclusion). Each lesson will include questions at the end. These will serve as a guide to engage the class.  We look forward to seeing you then and also hearing your feedback.


Pastors Juan & Christina

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